Quarterly Lucky Draw Schemes

This scheme is evolved to encourage our esteemed customer to visit us more frequently. In a way this a loyalty reward to our valued customers. Here is how it works ----.

  • AII the customers are allotted an ID No: on the first day of their visit to the salon. This ID No: remains as long as the visits are regular (Visited at least once in three months).
  • Our system keeps track of each & every footfall on daily basis.
  • Any customer making 6 or more visits in a quarter and billed at least Rs. 1000/- in total is eligible for participation in the Lucky Draw.
  • Those who makes more than 6 visits, gets more chances to win, as he/she gets multiple chits and thus enhance their chances. Following are the cash prizes equivalent free Services.

These prizes could be availed by winners within a specific period of time as mentioned in the prize certificates by getting free service of the winning prize amounts. This scheme was started in April 2011 has been well received by our valued customers. These draws are held in presence of eminent personalities of the city. For more details, contact our reception desk.